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Alone Together (Reese, Finch)
This show just gives me so much feelings, grrr. Anyway, this was put together very quickly in two days. Well, not really very quickly since I literally worked on the vid for two days long without doing anything else, except for biological needs.

Alone Together 

On Vimeo

And I suck at putting different music together. sorry.

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noooo, I can't watch it *sniff* can you upload it somewhere else, too? Maybe on Vimeo? or do you have a download link?
please ?

sorry it's a strange question, but youtube tell me my video is blocked in German. so out of curiosity, um are you from German?

anyway, I've uploaded it to Vimeo, but it takes some time to convert. I'll post the link here when it's done, sorry.

yep exactly, I'm sitting here in Germany -.-
It seems that the youtube gods are having a grudge against us over seriously the copyrights here are rather tight most of the videos I would like to watch are blocked from the GEMA.....
And Thank you for uploading it again, I can't wait for it *gg*

yeah, last video I uploaded is blocked in Germany as well.

Um so, when I said the conversion take some time? well I just found out that it was WAITING IN LINE to be converted. and now it finally start converting...
Sorry, I have to get up early so gonna go to bed now. (I'm from Taiwan btw.)
the link is:
I'll check if it works in the morning. (after six hours or so.)
Really hope it'll work, and really hope you'll enjoy it at least a bit. Thank you again :)

Oh, turns out the conversion doesn't take much time. It's ready to be watched. Thanks for waiting <3

Thank you *hugs*

finally I've managed it to watch your video.....*sniff* it is very well done and so sad (and that works for me rather well)!

Thank you again for sharing it and especially for uploading it on vimeo!

I was worried that you wouldn't like it. Glad that you do.
It's no trouble uploading it on vimeo. Thank you for waiting to watch the video. :D

Oh, oh, oh! This is so wonderful, just the thing I needed to see this morning.

Not a traditional "one song" vid -- and you may think you suck at putting different music together, but I think it's very effective.
It shows so much of their characters and their relationship -- what more could a fan ask for?

Two days, yeah, I understand how that can be. That's how I was finishing up my last story too. The last vids I did were the old-school kind, with two vcrs and a tape recorder, but when I did it, I had to just keep going until I was gone or I'd lose my momentum. Somehow I've never gotten around to vidding the modern way, lol. It's just as time consuming.

Wonderful job! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you. You make my day <3

I've done some one song vid and often find it kinda limited. then I saw genrocks' wonderful HP fanvid Through the Pensieve. The way she blends different songs and lines together is amazing. I still have a long way to go. Really glad that you like it.

yeah, the best way to prevent procrastination is not stopping. I procrastinate a lot, and I do mean A LOT. The last vid I made took me half a year (or is it a year? can't remember.) I just really want to finish making this, and it turns out fine.

Thank you again. :D

This is just wonderful! Terrific job! Thanks for sharing it.

thanks :D
by the way, love your userpic

I think it's an interesting fanvid, with the use of different songs and the reference points you choice in their story so far.


I tried to do sth different with this vid, so thank you :)

If this is you sucking, you on your game must blow one's freaking mind.

Oh, wait, this did that, too. Seriously, I loved it.

I have a strange habit of hating my project when I've just finished it. It takes me some time to appreciate my own work, mainly with the help of others' comments. So thank you a lot for liking it. It really motivates me <3

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This is now my favorite POI vid... ever!!!! So freaking amazing!!

Thanks :D
I'm sure there's someone better than me in this fandom. Your compliments makes me immensely happy nonetheless. :)

absolutely excellent vid

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